About us

Tony and Peter each have more than 20 years experience as acoustic consultants in New Zealand and overseas. Both have extensive acoustic consulting experience in a wide range of projects, not only in the Auckland and central north island areas, but throughout New Zealand.

Tony Windner - B. Arch.

Tony has 25 years experience as an acoustic consultant in New Zealand, the USA and the UK
Tony established Design Acoustics Ltd in Tauranga in 2003
Wide range of experience in all aspects of acoustic consulting.
Trained as an architect, Tony enjoys working with architects and other design professionals to develop acoustic solutions which complement the architectural design.

Peter Horne - B. Eng.

More than 23 years experience as an acoustic consultant in New Zealand and the USA
After returning from the USA in 2005, Peter established Design Acoustics Auckland Ltd.
Peter trained as a engineer. Peter is based in Auckland and has worked on many projects in the area.